Complete conditions of the auction :
A purchase by auction is legally binding; you are obligated without possibility of withdrawal.
There is no withdrawal period for the purchase by winning bid.The settlement is made in cash without any credit.
It is therefore necessary that you have the funds required to pay for your vehicle, in your bank account.
Do not buy a vehicle without having secured your loan agreement if you have requested one. In the case of refusal of said loan, you will still have to pay for the vehicle.
Do not put yourself in a bad situation, facing legal and financial problems, if you are not sure that you can pay the amount due for the purchase of your vehicle. The auctioneer will use all the legal means at his disposition to gain payment (such as: complaint to the prosecutor of the republic, recovery by bailiff, etc).Do not forget the expenses of sale, which are 17% of the hammer price. This is 170€ cost of sale, per 1000€. There also may be the cost of the technical control/visit, which is 80€.You will need a credit card whose monthly (or weekly) limit has not been exceeded, in order to give an immediate and mandatory deposit. This deposit is 500€ if the vehicle’s hammer price is less than 3000€, and is 1000€ if the hammer price is greater than, or equal to, 3000€. You also have the possibility of bringing a bank check (signed by your banker) made out to the order of VOUTIER ASSOCIÉS.
You must also have a guarantee check from your personal checkbook, which will be kept by us until full payment of the vehicle, along with your current ID.

If you want to leave the same day of the sale with your vehicle, it must be fully paid through your credit card (if your limit allows). Do not hesitate to ask your banker for an increase in your weekly or monthly limit, for this occasion. You may also use a bank check (if your bank is open on the auction day, you may go ask for a bank check during the sale, then return before the closing time of one and a half hours after the last vehicle has been sold). Lastly, you may use a personal check, but only if you have a letter of credit from your banker, attesting the funds available for the check being presented.

Otherwise, you must go to the auction house on the Monday or Tuesday immediately following the sale (depending on the opening day of your bank branch office) to regularize the payment by bank check.

For those who prefer to proceed by bank transfer, (especially those with an account in France), you can request the bank account information slip in order to proceed with the transaction.

After the delay of 8 days , if the entire amount due has not been paid, the sale will be annulled without written warning , and the down payment will be lost. This down payment will be used to reimbourse fees including insurance and storage fees .

Please note that the auctioneer is only a sales agent mandated by the courts, bank litigation agencies, or car dealerships in the context of destocking; he has been mandated to proceed on their behalf, to the sale of vehicles or materials to the highest bidder.
He is not an automotive professional, nor a mechanic, nor a car dealership.
It is therefore important to remember that vehicles are sold in the condition in which they have arrived.
The auctioneer, in order to help you, requires a technical control/visit, thus informing you of defects found (but only the defects provided for by the legislation), which affect the safety of the vehicles.
He makes a non-contractual and non-exhaustive list of the equipment and/or engine warning lights which are lit.
In no case has the vehicle been operated, neither by the auctioneer nor by his staff, for a complete inspection of the vital parts of the vehicle (such as the engine, gearbox or clutch, for example).

It is therefore imperative to go to the exposition of vehicles, offered the day preceding the auction, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. You will be able to ensure the good condition of the vehicle(s) you are looking for by taking a complete tour of the vehicle, listing the defects reported on the technical control, starting it and looking at the condition of the oil, coolant, etc.

As soon as the « hammer price » has been pronounced , the vehicles become the responsability of the buyer, who must take possession and assume  aller accidents that may happen ; the auctionneer cannot insure the storage of vehicles  in the interim until full payment of the sale .

The saturdays ( dates of auction) you will have the possibility to take out a temporary insurance policy and also to change the registration (grey  card) , both with independant companies ; this applies only in Guadeloupe and Martinique, and only when  they have the possibility to be  present.